What is Geocoding

Geocoding is the term used to describe converting a street address into global latitude and longitude values.

Street addresses around the world are not always reliable for mapping. But latitude and longitude values provide pinpoint accuracy for all global locations. Therefore, in order to provide accurate pin-markers for CFM church locations, all addresses must be geocoded.

My church doesn't show up on CFMMap.org

There are three reasons why a church may not show on the map:

1) CFMMap.org uses data from the CFM Directory (the book that is distributed at our semi-annual Prescott Conference). Your church must be listed in the directory to appear on the map.

2) Some churches are intentionally hidden, either by request or otherwise.

3) Geocoding of the address in the CFM Directory failed.

If you have confirmed that your church is listed in the CFM Directory and you would like it to appear on CFMMap.org, please submit a request.

If you are a pioneer pastor, please ask your pastor to submit your info to Pastor Greg Mitchell to be included in the directory.

My church appears, but in the wrong location

We use Google to geocode church addresses into global latitude and longitude. Therefore, there are two reasons your church listing is in the wrong location:

1) Your church address is wrong or missing in the CFM Directory.
• CFMMap.org will then attempt to geocode just the city/country.
• If that fails, then CFMMap.org will use just the country.

2) Your church address cannot be located by Google.
• To solve this problem, you can use the site GeoPlaner.com to pinpoint your church's latitude/longitude, and send them to us.

Why is my home address showing instead of the church address?

The CFM directory contains both the mailing address and the church address. If the church address has not been sent in, then the system uses the mailing address. If your home is your mailing address, then that means that you simply need to send in your church address.

Why isn't my church schedule displayed?

CFMMap.org does not currently contain church schedule data. CFMMap.org can display a link to your church website (if you have provided it) where those interested can obtain specific details on your church. To submit your church website, follow the instructions here.

Why is my phone number, email, etc. not displayed?

Phone numbers are no longer displayed by default in order to protect our pastors from spam email/text messages and unwanted phone calls. (It is recommended that you never publish your email address on a website.)

If you want to publish your phone number, email, or other info online, you may do so on your own church website, and provide a link to your website here. Click here for instructions on submitting your church website.